America conquers the Nipah Virus

August 10, 2012

Thanks to the Henry M. Jackson Foundation, American taxpayers, filthy rich Americans, and dozens of American private and public researchers, a Nipah virus vaccine has been developed. The Nipah virus was first discovered in the 1990s and causes severe respiratory distress and encephalitis. Sporting a 75% fatality rate with transmission direct from person to person, it has been one of the

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most feared viruses by the medical community. The movie Contagion was about a possible Nipah virus pandemic.

Of course all of humanity benefits from this marvelous work. However, those most affected are not Americans. The Nipah virus is found naturally in Pteropid fruit bats. The Foundation’s press release states “Nipah virus and Hendra virus emerged in the 1990s causing serious disease outbreaks in humans and livestock in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh and India.”

Way to go America!! I wonder if Michele Obama is proud

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of America now? Oh, by the way PETA, this research was carried out on African Green Monkeys in Montana. Animal research save lives.


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