Rep. Jerry McNerney: An interesting hijacking story

October 23, 2012

Rep. Jerry McNerney (D) is our current Congressional representative for Mountain House. Ricky Gill (R, Lodi) is running against him in this swing CA-9 district. However, this article is not about politics. Despite all the negative political attacks that are designed to make the other opponent appear as unsavory as possible – both Jerry McNerney and Ricky Gill have interesting life stories. So I thought I would share a few stories that don’t ever seem to get get published about these two.

In November of 1971 three “hippies” from a militant group called “The Republic of New Africa” hijacked a plane out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Jerry McNerney, then 20, was on the plane. The Republic of New Africa is a group that still exists today. They are a group that advocated a black homeland in the Southern United States that is separate from whites.

The three men were wanted for the slaying of New Mexico State Policeman Robert Rosenbloom, 28. The trooper was gunned down during a routine traffic stop. The police officer left behind a grieving wife and two small children.

Jerry McNerney was a University of New Mexico student after dropping out of West Point due to his opposition to the Vietnam war. He was interviewed after the hijacking took him from Albuquerque to Tampa where he was released. The plane then flew on to Cuba. The hijackers took over the plane when they pulled out a 45 handgun and grabbed a stewardess. McNerney described the hijackers as courteous and said that when the hijackers came on board they gave a ‘soul shake’ to other hippie-type passengers. He said the hijackers asked him if “he had anything on him (possibly a gun).” Rep. McNerney had been trying to use a ticket that his father gave him to go to the Army-Navy football game in Philadelphia. — Source Albuquerque Tribune.

Unfortunately, the three hijackers made it to Cuba and last reports are 2 of them are still living there while the 3rd one died in a swimming accident. All efforts to extradite these killers from Cuba have failed. New Mexico politicians

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at various times over the years have attempted to extradite the killers, these include Gov. Gary Johnson (Lib), Rep. Bill Richardson (D), and Senator Pete Domenici (R). I’m not sure if Rep. McNerney has taken any active role in attempting to extradite these cop killers.

Next time, Micheal Moore is in Cuba extolling the virtues of that regime he might want to ask about two cop killers.

John McDonald




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