Cannabis: Users show neuropsychological decline from childhood to midlife

December 3, 2012

The National Academy of Sciences published a large study on the affects of cannabis in Late August. Neuropsychological tests were conducted on 1,037 individuals at age 13 and then again after persistent cannabis use at age 38.

Cognitive problems were associated with the use of cannabis. The more cannabis used, the worse the impairment. Sadly, the impairment was not fully restored after the use of cannabis ceased. The findings suggest a neurotoxic effect by cannabis.

Washington and Colorado legalized cannabis in the last election cycle. I have no desire to see dimwitted potheads put in prison. However, it is a form of child abuse for potheads to let their children be exposed to the stupefying effects of pot smoke. Question is are pothead parents smart enough to realize this or is it just all okay dude?

Cannabis is addictive or so says a recent small study from Austrialia. The problem is few people believe cannabis is addictive and fewer believe it is harmful to their health. Sounds like we have a brewing health crisis 20 years from now. If the cannabis industry follows the pattern of tobacco industry, then pot will become cheap if it is mass manufactured. Its low cost and legality will drive demand and private sector competition. Private sector competition will drive aggressive advertising, turning the product into something cool and fun. Remember tobacco was considered a disgusting habit prior to the mass marketing of the 1920’s. Aggressive pot advertising will drive social acceptance use sky high until people start to die of lung cancer, turn into pot zombies, birth defects skyrocket, and people become hopelessly addicted. It took about 30 years from the mass acceptance of cigarettes before lung cancer started to show up in a major way. Let’s see how public health goes with cannabis. At least we won’t have glaucoma and our clothes will be bio-degradable ;-).

Cannabis use is now linked to lung cancer, testicular cancer, prostate cancer, etc. I wonder when filtered cannabis cigarettes are going to hit the market claiming to be healthier just like Kent cigs did in 1954?  By the way, the Kent filter was made from asbestos so while the smoker got a slight reduction in lung cancer risk, they replaced that with a risk of mesothelioma!  Yes, Kent cigs got sued for that as well.


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