Cancer and Dichloroacetate

December 4, 2012

I read a lot of science papers for recreation and as part of my real job. Even though I’m a strong opponent of homeopathic medicine, wild medical claims, and conspiracy theories, a series of papers on DCA intrigued me. It intrigued me in part because the medical skeptic blogs had poor responses. So here goes […]

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America conquers the Nipah Virus

August 10, 2012
America conquers the Nipah Virus

Thanks to the Henry M. Jackson Foundation, American taxpayers, filthy rich Americans, and dozens of American private and public researchers, a Nipah virus vaccine has been developed. The Nipah virus was first discovered in the 1990s and causes severe respiratory distress and encephalitis. Sporting a 75% fatality rate with transmission direct from person to person, […]

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Grapefruit Juice and Cancer Drugs

August 8, 2012
Grapefruit Juice and Cancer Drugs

The University of Chicago Medical Center has been reporting on the effects of grapefruit juice and other foods for at least 14 years. Back in 1998, they reported on how grapefruit juice prolonged the effect of anesthesia. Since 1998, the Center’s researchers have been systematically documenting the effects of foods (i.e. potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplant) […]

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