Southwinds Church

Southwinds is modern Christian church with excellent teaching, a solid gospel message, and modern worship music.  It is a very friendly church with many Mountain House residents in the congregation.  It has the flavor of a Mars Hills (Seattle type) church with an emphasis on keeping the sermons relevant and convicting.  The music ministry expends much effort to modernize many of the traditional Christian hymns to good effect.  This is not a church for people who just want a religious overtone to their social life.  Their website says “Southwinds Church is a unique church that desires to serve San Joaquin County in meaningful ways.  Regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey, Southwinds has something for you.  We know that Jesus Christ is the answer to every question and we would love to show you how.”

 Cornerstone Fellowship

For those Mountain House residents seeking a mainstream big Christian church with dozens of programs for youth, college ages, outreach to the poor and local community, mission work to various countries, recovery programs of all types, etc. you’d be hard pressed to do better than Cornerstone Fellowship.

 Mennonite Brethren Churches near Mountain House

Many people have never heard the story about the German/Russian Mennonites who fled the genocide perpetrated by the atheistic communists in the very early 1900’s.  As the waves of increasingly violent oppression occurred with the rise of the Soviets, these industrious Christian farmers sent out teams to find places of refuge throughout the world.  Among the few places they decided to call home were Alberta, Kansas, and the San Joaquin Valley.  The families pooled their money and paid for passage for thousands.  The communists wrote with great glee about their victories over these peaceful pacifist people who refused to fight back calling them Kuluks instead of Mennonites.  They were some of the early settlers who transformed this valley from a waste land into the most productive farm land on the globe.  Bringing their pacifist beliefs with them they set up churches in Modesto, Lodi, and started Fresno Pacific University.  Ironically, after the few remaining Mennonites who had not left the Soviet Union were exterminated – the atheistic blood thirst was not satisfied and Stalin’s government went on to exterminate more than 3 million “kuluks” in the Holodomor in 1932 and 1933 simply by redefining who the “Kuluks” were.

Jehovah’s Witnesses

The Jehovah’s Witnesses have a facility on 10981 W Clover Rd Tracy, CA 95376‎ very near Mountain House.  Known for their committed door-to-door outreach to local communities – the Jehovah’s Witness also have an amazing history.  Only 70 years ago JWs were being rounded up in Hitler’s National Socialist Germany.  There was no moral confusion on the part of the JW’s and they were a great testimony in face of great evil.  Out of the 20,000 JWs in Germany in 1933 10,000 were imprisoned and 1,200 died.  Think about that the next time they knock on your door.

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