Flip Off and the missing 52 seconds

The Flip Off: the centerpiece of the Recall Jass campaign

The center piece of the Recall Jass Campaign was the use of a video that purported to show Director Jass Singh flipping off a resident after the resident made an announcement about the Recall campaign.  This is the same resident that has previously claimed that Jass also “blows him kisses and winks” at him.  After viewing the video, Dir. Bernice Tingle very quickly called a censure vote with no opportunity for Jass Singh to defend himself.  Director Tingle’s rush to judgement and her other comments against the taxpayers of Mountain House are now campaign issues if she has the audacity to seek re-election this fall.

Where are the missing 52 seconds?

The Recall Jass team edited 52 seconds of out of the Jass Singh “flip off ” video to make it appear as if Jass immediately flips off the man who just made an announcement about the Recall Jass campaign.  This blatant manipulation of video to maliciously defame a political figure represents grounds for a defamation lawsuit against those that made this video and distributed it.  Jass is working this issue through his attorney.  Google “Shirly Sherrod” for a good example of what happens to folks who manipulate video to damage another person’s career.

But let’s look at all the facts —

First the direction of the “flip off”

Even if you believe a flip off occurred then how come is the flip off directed at the opposite side of the room from which the main accuser sits. Jass at first smiles at the MHCSD employee earning her 5 year award who was seated in the direction of his main accuser. Then his head turns and adjust his glasses with his middle finger.  If you are flipping someone off, then you would think that it would be directed at the person who claims they were flipped off.



Jass’ kind gesture

And just a few seconds latter, as the award is given, Jass is the first one to start clapping. Once again the Recall Jass campaign ends their dishonest clip and leaving out Jass acting nicely even though to do so would only require a few seconds. How does one go from being so angry that he is flipping off a voter to clapping for an MHCSD employee in just a few seconds.

Typical hand motion

Below is another screen shot from the same board meeting of Jass using his middle finger to tap the microphone. He uses the SAME hand in the same manner. The Recall Jass campaign had to have watched this part of the video as it occurred only 29 seconds into the meeting.



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