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  1. Michelle Mason on September 6, 2012 at 7:42 am

    John, I applaud you for trying to bring Mountain House a free publication. I think I that it does come off as biased though, opinions are written as facts. I do hope you work on seperating the opinions from facts. I also feel you should refrain fro. Accussing a person of crimes, real papers do not do that. Please report the facts.

  2. admin on September 6, 2012 at 2:03 pm

    Hi Michelle, thanks for the note. The publication does have a bias and the first issue was editorial in nature. That will change over time – hopefully as more writers appear. I welcome articles, even ones that differ from my perspective. I also welcome articles that have nothing to do with politics. I love politics, business, and science. So if you want to see something besides politics, business, and science, then please contribute. Even though I live in a house were the TV is more likely tuned to “Say yes to the dress” or “What not to wear” … sorry I don’t write articles on that stuff :-). I believed I needed to re-balance the debate in this community which I think we did pretty well in the first issue :-). I believe that while Jass is not perfect (I’m not either) the amount of abuse he was taking was more akin to a mob mentality – with much of the abuse far worse than anything Jass was accused of. One party politics is not good. Many members of the opposition in my opinion were feeling as if they could say anything and act in any manner with little opposition. They will think twice now as they will be called on the carpet every month if they act in irresponsible manner. I think the reaction to MH Reporter really showed the heart of a few Jass’ opponents. Hopefully, it will give some people pause and get them to return to more fact based thinking. I appreciate correction and have adjusted a number of posts due to private communication with people telling myself or a team member that we need to tone down or correct X or Y. Finally, no individual was accused of committing a crime. A crime occurred. A person did it. We don’t know who did it. I removed the comment that it was a member of the anti-Jass mob as we don’t know that – despite the circumstantial evidence (for example: a person on Facebook calling Jass a pig, then pig being written on the door). John

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