MHCSD Employee Compensation

One of the more fiercely contested topics in the 2010 election was the issue of MHCSD employee compensation.  The Jass Singh campaign took issue with the large compensation increases for the MHCSD managers a year after the lower level staff was largely eliminated. There was much dishonesty on this issue even though the facts are easy to establish. So let’s review the publicly available facts.

MHCSD Manager’s total compensation is made up of the following:

  • Salary – Wages
  • Cafeteria Plan – A cafeteria plan is a plan that allows the manager to accept nearly $2,000 per month cash in lieu of health insurance.  In most cases the managers are already covered by medical benefits earned during previous government employment.
  • Deferred Compensation
  • Car Allowance – The car allowance pays the manager $500 per month.  The manager may or may not choose to buy a car.  It is believed though not verified that the managers also receive a mileage payment when using the car for Mountain House business.
  • UI
  • Retirement Plan
  • Medicare – Government Health Insurance
  • Life – Life Insurance

According to the MHCSD 2011-12 Salary budget document

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